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Building your new home is a major undertaking. Whether you are using a project builder or having it custom built - if you want it to be more sustainable and livable, chances are you will have to drive those changes yourself. Whether you are just starting out or well into the process, small changes can have a dramatic effect on the way the home functions.

We can help you through that process. Good planning, design and product choices are the key and it doesn't have to cost more. Some of the issues you may come up against are:

  • Which block should you buy?
  • Is the house design right for that block?
  • Does the house plan address heat, light, and cooling issues?
  • Is the fabric of the home clean and green?
  • What are all the products out there in the market - are they truly eco?
  • Found a great builder who isn't that interested in sustainability?
  • Not sure what questions to ask your builder or designer?
  • Can you improve the sustainability of a project built home?
  • Ok - the plan meets the 6 star rating but is it livable and truly sustainable?


There is no one answer to sustainable living and each home is individual. Your home should meet your needs, be comfortable and offer a place to relax. Some of the ways we can help are:

  • personal one:one service
  • helping you make informed decisions
  • helping you liaise with your builder or designer
  • product research
  • incorporating your whole block into the sustainability outcome.

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